LifeSet participant, Katrina outside at sunset

Nineteen-year-old Trinity has learned many life skills through the Youth Villages LifeSet program, which serves as a bridge from foster care to successful adulthood and helps young adults build the skills they need to live independently and successfully.

After a few tumultuous years at home, Trinity asked her maternal grandparents for help, and moved in with them in 2021 when she was 18 years old. Trinity started working with LifeSet Specialist Ciara to develop critical coping skills and a better response to things that made her unhappy or frustrated.

“I learned that my words really matter,” Trinity explained. “I used to blurt out whatever I thought without thinking how it affected others.”

Ciara helped Trinity identify her triggers and even her body’s reactions to stress so she could address her anger before it got too big to temper.

“We’ve done a lot of role playing with behaviors,” Ciara said. “This helped Trinity learn new ways to handle things.”

Trinity enjoys walking so now when she’s frustrated, she goes on walks. She’s even learned how to use physical exertion to calm her mind daily. Another thing Trinity enjoys doing is crocheting, which is not something most of her peers are doing. She crochets blankets to give to friends and family members as gifts. She also likes doing puzzles with her grandparents.

After she graduated from high school, Trinity was working for a staffing agency. Over the last year, she has earned a full-time job and is working part time at a daycare. Trinity also spent the last year volunteering at least once a month at a local nonprofit.

Ciara helped Trinity with social and life skills, such as job retention, money management and budgeting.

With Ciara, I learned how to control my emotions and handle my anger appropriately.”
– Trinity

Trinity encourages anyone going through a similar season in life not to give up and to keep trying.

“Not giving up is a cliché, but it’s true,” Trinity said. “Find help through therapy or groups to connect with similar people.”

Her grandmother, Evelyn, is very proud of her progress.

“I know living with your grandparents isn’t always fun,” Evelyn said. “But Trinity has followed our rules and taken on a different attitude since being in LifeSet.”

With the new skills she has learned, Trinity is back at home excited about what the future holds.

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