KameronKameron’s trauma made her feel scared, angry and aggressive toward other kids and her family. She found help and hope through the therapeutic drumming program supported by Stephen Tyler and Janie’s Fund. She even was able to meet Steven and drum for him at the inaugural GRAMMY watch party benefiting Janie’s Fund earlier this year.

When 16-year-old Kameron first arrived at Youth Villages-Inner Harbour campus (home of Janie’s House), she was struggling with severe depression. She had been hospitalized for suicidal thoughts and knew she needed more help.

“At first, I didn’t want to take her to Inner Harbour because I didn’t want her to be away from home,” said Carolyn, Kameron’s adoptive mother. “But Kameron knew she needed more support, and she was right. Youth Villages saved my daughter’s life.”

Thousands of girls across the country are like Kameron, suffering from emotional, behavioral and mental health issues because of abuse. She was abused by her biological parents. Through individual and family therapy and the therapeutic drumming program, Kameron learned to express herself and work through her issues.

Because the drumming program has been so important to young girls’ recovery, Janie’s Fund is increasing its support. Girls receiving help through Janie’s House and on the Inner Harbour campus now will be able to participate in two sessions each week, and there will be more performances in the community.

“The drumming program was one of my favorite parts of YV,” Kameron said. “I was usually mad when I walked into drumming, but I always left happy. Just listening to the music made me feel more calm.”

As part of the drumming team, Kameron loved meeting Steven in Los Angeles and performing at the Janie’s Fund fundraiser was beyond her wildest dreams.

After completing her trauma-focused therapy at Inner Harbour, Kameron was ready to return home to her adoptive mother and two sisters. Youth Villages gave her support to make a successful transition home.

“I sat down with Kameron, her counselors and YV leaders to discuss how to keep Kameron on a positive path,” Carolyn said. “During that meeting, it was so obvious that everyone wanted my daughter to succeed. That meant the world to me.”

Upon returning home, Kameron began Youth Villages’ YVIntercept in-home services program and met her specialist, Felicia Crawford. Crawford visited the home on a weekly basis, meeting with Kameron individually and with her family as a whole.

“Felicia taught us the importance of working through issues as a family,” Carolyn said. “My girls used to argue constantly and the blame was often placed on Kameron. But now, we realize that we all have things to work on and I’ve seen positive changes in everyone.”

Felicia helped Kameron and her family talk through fears, insecurities and needs. By working together, Kameron realized that she is not the cause of her family’s struggles. Instead, she is part of the solution for her family’s healing.

Kameron did well in school after returning home and is looking forward to the new school year. She’s continuing to drum and express herself with music.

“Everyone who works at Youth Villages is a saint in our eyes,” Carolyn said. “They were always there for my daughter and gave us tools to succeed together. Youth Villages’ support rescued Kameron and our whole family.”

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