On April 2nd, Janie’s Fund launched the I Am Janie campaign in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness Month. With the participation of influencers like Jane Lynch, Terry Crews, Rumer Willis, Derek Hough, and Mia and Chelsea Tyler, the campaign has brought much-needed awareness to the pervasiveness of sexual assault and abuse, and has created a movement that stands in solidarity with those who have faced trauma.

Integrated into this campaign is our “Supporter Spotlights”, which are brief testimonials shared weekly across our social media channels. These spotlights are submitted by women who offer advice to members of our community or come forward to tell their stories, often for the very first time. The I Am Janie video brings these “Supporter Spotlights” to life on-camera to show support for those of have experienced abuse and demonstrates to the world that while not all of us are survivors, we are all impacted by this issue: we are all Janie.

As an organization, we aim to be a beacon of hope for those who have had to endure abuse and to communicate that they are not alone and their bravery does not go unseen. This campaign best represents our message of hope, strength, and resilience for these survivors around the world.

To date, the I Am Janie video has reached more than 500K people on our social channels, and has greatly increased awareness of this important issue. We hope you will join the movement and follow us on social media to pledge your support by using hashtag #IAmJanie.